Christmas sugar cookies


At Eat Craft Nerd, Christmas equals food, and especially cookies. I love baking, and I love sharing what I make with my friends and family. Christmas, when we all get together, is the perfect time to share the love.

christmas-sugar-cookies-boxThese cookies are a literal representation of love at Christmas time, and are a really great gift at any time of the year. You can really cut them to any shape, and decorate them however you like. I went for Christmas red and white, and a Christmas message of love. These were a part of the Christmas hampers I made for family members as an early Christmas present, and you’ll see those hampers in a future post – but first, the recipe for the most delicious sugar cookies you’ll ever eat.  Continue reading “Christmas sugar cookies”

A gift guide for all budgets

So I don’t know about you guys, but here at Eat Craft Nerd we’re huge Christmas geeks. Christmas has always been a special time in our family, where we all make the effort to be in the same place, eating and laughing and playing card games. And, of course, exchanging gifts. In honour of that proud tradition of oh-god-it’s-three-week-to-Christmas-and-I-have-no-idea-what-to-give-ANYONE-oh-god-HELP that we all share, we at Eat … Continue reading A gift guide for all budgets

The Eye of the Sheep [book review]

It was nominated for the Stella Award and it won the Miles Franklin this year. It’s a book about family, loss, mental illness and violence, and at the core of it it’s about a young boy making his way in the world, navigating the challenges of life through a different lens than, it seems, anyone else. The Eye of the Sheep is a haunting story, … Continue reading The Eye of the Sheep [book review]

My 5-minute makeup routine


I used to be pretty ambivalent about makeup. My mum was never a huge makeup wearer, and we were definitely brought up to believe that what counts is on the inside, which is totally true. But it’s also super fun to play around with makeup and try different looks, and especially in this image-driven world of ours, makeup is a useful tool to boost confidence, find identity and just have fun.

I recently found out that Jeremy Renner, who of course plays Hawkeye in the Avengers film franchise (watch out for Civil War coming out next year!) used to be a makeup artist. There’s this great interview with Ellen de Generes, on Ellen, where she asks him about his past and what he would recommend for the layperson’s basic beauty essentials.

“Eyebrows, lashes, lips. Frame the face,” he says without skipping a beat.

five-minute-makeup-before Continue reading “My 5-minute makeup routine”

Hi! We’re Eat Craft Nerd.

Hello and welcome to our new adventure! Eat Craft Nerd is the place where we write about all the things that matter to us: things nerdy, crafty, foodie, beauty, and globally-oriented. We’re interested in a lot of stuff, and we want to share that interest with you. So who is behind the keyboard? Ashleigh is a 26-year-old law student, passionate about legislation, crochet, and all … Continue reading Hi! We’re Eat Craft Nerd.