Homemade gift hampers

Christmas is coming! The carols are being piped through the shopping centres, the trees are up in City Square and there are gingerbread lattes being sold at Starbucks. You can’t escape the frivolity. So, you give in to it. It’s December, after all, and diets don’t start til January. Besides which, if you can’t afford to (or simply don’t want to) buy the gifts we … Continue reading Homemade gift hampers

Christmas sugar cookies


At Eat Craft Nerd, Christmas equals food, and especially cookies. I love baking, and I love sharing what I make with my friends and family. Christmas, when we all get together, is the perfect time to share the love.

christmas-sugar-cookies-boxThese cookies are a literal representation of love at Christmas time, and are a really great gift at any time of the year. You can really cut them to any shape, and decorate them however you like. I went for Christmas red and white, and a Christmas message of love. These were a part of the Christmas hampers I made for family members as an early Christmas present, and you’ll see those hampers in a future post – but first, the recipe for the most delicious sugar cookies you’ll ever eat.  Continue reading “Christmas sugar cookies”