Five Body Positivity Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

It’s easy to get caught up in the polished perfection of Instagram. In an age where photo editing software is available for free for everyone to use and everyone has access to social media, perfection isn’t just attainable, it’s everywhere. At least, it appears so. And because people often promote accounts that are similar to theirs, before you know it your feed ends up looking … Continue reading Five Body Positivity Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

My 5-minute makeup routine


I used to be pretty ambivalent about makeup. My mum was never a huge makeup wearer, and we were definitely brought up to believe that what counts is on the inside, which is totally true. But it’s also super fun to play around with makeup and try different looks, and especially in this image-driven world of ours, makeup is a useful tool to boost confidence, find identity and just have fun.

I recently found out that Jeremy Renner, who of course plays Hawkeye in the Avengers film franchise (watch out for Civil War coming out next year!) used to be a makeup artist. There’s this great interview with Ellen de Generes, on Ellen, where she asks him about his past and what he would recommend for the layperson’s basic beauty essentials.

“Eyebrows, lashes, lips. Frame the face,” he says without skipping a beat.

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