What I read in January

Books read: The Tournament, Matthew Reilly; All the Truth That’s in Me, Julie Berry; When Michael met Mina, Randa Abdel-Fattah; how they met, David Levithan.

My aim is for 2017 to be a return to reading. I didn’t read very much last year for a number of reasons; anxiety, a feeling of busyness, distraction via social media – any and all of the above, I’m sure. I’m easing myself back into it.

Familiarity is soothing, which is why there are three authors on this list that I’ve previously read and enjoyed, and at least two which are aimed at young adult or new adult readers. I love reading YA fiction. It is such a familiar place to me. YA feels like home, and both Abdel-Fattah and Berry are excellent and respected authors in this field.

Matthew Reilly is usually a fun author to read, and his books are so easy to get through, even though some of them deal with some pretty gory stuff, it’s very enjoyable. I didn’t find that so much with The Tournament. Maybe it was that it was written through a different voice than Reilly’s usual, but I definitely found a strong case of what happens when some male writers try to write female characters (see here for satirical example).

I also utilised the library a bit this month. In the past I’ve had a bad habit of forgetting to return books, and I am determined to kick it this year! I have so many books and I just can’t afford to keep buying them at the rate that I have been, especially since I haven’t been reading so much. When in doubt: go to the library, just like Hermione would do.

I will wholeheartedly recommend both When Michael met Mina and All the Truth That’s in Me, especially if you are into young adult fiction. how they met is a lovely collection of stories about love, and David Levithan is a wonderful writer, so that is also one for the list. Maybe skip The Tournament, though.

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