Five Body Positivity Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

It’s easy to get caught up in the polished perfection of Instagram. In an age where photo editing software is available for free for everyone to use and everyone has access to social media, perfection isn’t just attainable, it’s everywhere. At least, it appears so. And because people often promote accounts that are similar to theirs, before you know it your feed ends up looking like a Lululemon catalogue or something (eventually, all this inspiration will lead to me being able to bend my legs so my feet touch the top of my head, right? That’s how it works?)

There are a few gems out there, though, who are dedicated to celebrating reality and beauty in everyone, and who post pictures and photos that encourage and uplift you whatever your size or shape. These five Instagrammers are unapologetically awesome and will truly inspire you to love yourself as you are.

Meghan Tonjes @meghantonjes

meghan tonjes 2


#BOOTYREVOLUTION. Meghan is a YouTuber, musician and podcaster who will not stand for bullsh*t or fat shaming. She regularly posts selfies, butt photos and adorable puppy pics on her instagram. See also: her YouTube channels (yes, multiple) and podcasts (also multiple.) Too much/never enough.

Chelsea M @the_chza


I wish I had the fashion sense of Chelsea, and the guts to wear the awesome clothes that she wears. She’s a saucy fashion goddess and hella cool photographer. See also: her tumblr, especially if you want details of those bangin’ outfits. Which you know I do.

Frances Cannon @francescannon

frances cannon 2

Melbourne multidisciplinary artist and all-around babe Frances Cannon sells her prints online and will also sometimes take commissions for tattoo designs. How rad is that? She has a jewellery line and is just beautiful. See also: her online shop and website. Shut up and take my money.

Jes Baker @themilitantbaker

jes baker

How is Jes awesome? Let me count the ways. She is a fierce advocate for body positivity, mental health and self love, she has a blog and a BOOK that is, by all accounts, incredible and she takes no one’s shit. See also: blog, book, Facebook. Get on it.

Megan Crabbe @bodyposipanda

body posi panda

How cute is her insta handle? And how cute is Megan? A recovered anorexic, she is now a fierce body positivity feminist warrior and she’s spreading rainbows and happiness everywhere. See also: website, with adorable illustrations. I can’t even deal.

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