Simple Christmas Stockings


Everyone has one thing that makes Christmas. It might be the tree, or the tinsel, or the carols, or the eggnog. For me, it’s the stockings. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a beautiful striped stocking, quilted by my mum, with my name on it and a little bell that jingles. Wherever we are for Christmas, at home or at relatives’ or away, that stocking has always been there, stuffed with chocolates and socks and little bits and pieces, keeping me from opening presents before mum and dad wake up.

I haven’t really celebrated Christmas much over the last few years, but this year I really got to throw myself into it again, and the first thing I decided needed to happen was stockings. I found these fabrics for $10 each at Spotlight, and whipped up a handful of stockings for family and friends over a couple of afternoons. They’ve gone a long way towards brightening up the apartment, and it’s always fun looking for small items to fill them with.



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