A gift guide for all sorts


It’s less than a week until Christmas and you’re beginning to panic. You’ve gotten gifts for most of the people in your life but there’s one person, maybe two, who you just don’t know how to buy for.

Huzzah! There is a gift guide for you. These gifts are based around the categories you’ll find on this site, so if your friend or family member is in any way a foody, crafty, nerdy, worldly or beauty-oriented person, you are in luck.


A tshirt is usually a safe bet. If you’re in the US, you could still get expedited shipping from DFTBA Records, this Hermione inspired shirt can be found here. Otherwise, Critical Hit is a great bricks and mortar store in Melbourne for all your pop culture and geeky needs, including loads of tshirts.

Every nerd needs a pair of argyle socks. Online, you can get them here, here or here; otherwise, head to the Sock Shop at Southern Cross station or Toorak Village where you can also find heaps of different patterned legwear.

Finally, you need some low light for reading that doesn’t disturb the Christmas lights. Get Frostbeard Studio’s booklover soy candles here, or, if they don’t ship to your location quickly enough, there are a bunch of great scents at dusk, in most shopping centres.


If the crafty one in your life has hit a bit of a block, grab them this nifty motivational art print at Target, or online here.

IKEA hacks are out there, and hackers will love this set of mini drawers because they’re super customisable and also hold a range of crafty materials. Get them here or instore at IKEA.

Every crafter needs some coloured pencils. You know Derwent are good quality and they’re not going anywhere. Buy them here or at any good art or craft store.


Brushes are such a good gift for the beauty guru who has all the makeup you could imagine. You can get a fancy Too Faced brush set here  or at Mecca Maxima (or even Sephora if you want to brave the crowds at Australia’s flagship store in Melbourne Central!) or less fancy but still great ecotools set here or in store at Priceline or even some supermarkets.

For even more fancy legwear, you can get these cool ice cream leggings here or there is also a range of basic black and patterened at Target and H&M.

Support local businesses and buy amazing brooches by Erstwilder, online here or in Princess Highway stores.


A funny yet thoughtful gift of toilet paper that gives half its profits to charities that make clean water possible? Sure thing. Online here or in some independent grocers. You can also buy someone a subscription, and it’s free delivery in Australia.

For you give on behalf of someone, Heifer International and Oxfam both have great ranges and downloadable gift cards, here and here.

Want to buy something instore but have your money go to a charity organisation? Oxfam have physical stores, too.


Tea towels are always useful in the kitchen. For this cute dishwashing dance one, Etsy is the place to go. Mozi have some beautiful tea towels, also.

Your friend is a savoury cook and loves to make dinner for people? Buy them some fancy truffle salt from the Essential Ingredient, here or in store.

The kitchen looking bare? Buy this gorgeous print here. Best part about it? It’s a digital download, so you can get it all the way up till Christmas.

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