What I read in January

Books read: The Tournament, Matthew Reilly; All the Truth That’s in Me, Julie Berry; When Michael met Mina, Randa Abdel-Fattah; how they met, David Levithan. My aim is for 2017 to be a return to reading. I didn’t read very much last year for a number of reasons; anxiety, a feeling of busyness, distraction via social media – any and all of the above, I’m sure. I’m easing myself back … Continue reading What I read in January

Five Body Positivity Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

It’s easy to get caught up in the polished perfection of Instagram. In an age where photo editing software is available for free for everyone to use and everyone has access to social media, perfection isn’t just attainable, it’s everywhere. At least, it appears so. And because people often promote accounts that are similar to theirs, before you know it your feed ends up looking … Continue reading Five Body Positivity Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

Homemade gift hampers

Christmas is coming! The carols are being piped through the shopping centres, the trees are up in City Square and there are gingerbread lattes being sold at Starbucks. You can’t escape the frivolity. So, you give in to it. It’s December, after all, and diets don’t start til January. Besides which, if you can’t afford to (or simply don’t want to) buy the gifts we … Continue reading Homemade gift hampers

A gift guide for all sorts

It’s less than a week until Christmas and you’re beginning to panic. You’ve gotten gifts for most of the people in your life but there’s one person, maybe two, who you just don’t know how to buy for. Huzzah! There is a gift guide for you. These gifts are based around the categories you’ll find on this site, so if your friend or family member … Continue reading A gift guide for all sorts